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First and foremost a professional tile installer will assess the sub-floor condition and weather it requires leveling or not. Having a solid and levelled sub-floor is a must, many contractor skip this step as it can overwhelming if they do not have a floor levelling experts. PCS Construction installers has a dedicated team of dry pack floor levelling experts. 

Another important factor is the type, size and quality of tiles. Whether your tiles are porcelain, ceramic, travertine, granite or marble, there are challenges that require an experienced tile installer to achieve perfect results and reduce wastage. For example due the natural veins in marble the tile installer must be experienced with marble for proper cutting and handling tiles. On the other hand granite tiles are heavy and made of harder stone and require the right cutting tools. The most commonly used tiles are made of porcelain. Porcelain tiles come in different qualities, many of the cheaper lower end tiles can be very difficult to work with especially if the floor is not perfectly levelled. Bowed tiles can cause lippage and uneven surfaces. We suggest you show us your tile sample prior to purchasing to reduce the risk of lippage.Large Porcelain Tiles 24″ x 48″. Today more and more designers are choosing larger tile size, 12″ x 24″, 24″ x 24″ and even 24″ x 48″. Due to weight and cumbersome size, the larger the tile gets, the more of a challenge it become to cut, install and level. Another reason to hire tile installation experts. 

Call PCS Construction for all your floor tiling and wall tiling needs. We provide professional tile installation for your floor, walls, kitchen backsplash, and any other home remodeling projects. Your renovation and remodeling ideas are endless – updated tiles with a new pattern or color on your kitchen floor, replace those fake tiles with beautiful real tiles, install an eye-catching new tile backsplash behind your kitchen sink, add tiling in a pop of color in your shower – the list goes on. Whether you need kitchen renovation and remodeling or a tile professional for your bathroom projects, just give us a call for advice and a FREE quote.

Engineered vs Hardwood Installation

Solid hardwood flooring is popular with homeowners who desire natural looks and feel of real wood. For such floors, the materials are purely made from wood from top to bottom, it’s made of solid wood which has been milled straight from a tree, featuring popular wood types such as maple, oak, and teak flooring amongst others.

Engineered wood, on the other hand, brings the same ambiance as hardwood, only that they come with a touch of human engineering brilliance which enhances their usability. Engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured with multiple layers of wood and laminate layer at the very bottom to stop moisture from affecting the floors. As such, they are not affected by changes in humidity or temperature as is sometimes the case with hardwood flooring.


Laminate floors still firmly hold their place as an inexpensive, functional flooring. But they have even moved into higher-end homes that once would have installed nothing but solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring. Laminate floors look better, perform better, and feel better underfoot than ever before. All of this popularity may beg the question: What are laminate floors in the first place?


We provide removal and disposal services of your existing floor. This includes removing your old flooring such as ceramic tile, vinyl tile, hardwood flooring or carpet.


We can complete any sub-floor preparation that may be needed to guarantee proper flooring installation including leveling a concrete sub-floor or installing new sheets of plywood. Having a flat and solid sub-floor is important to a proper wood floor installation and will help prevent issues from occurring in the future.


Installation of acoustic underlay. We offer a few different options of underlay depending on your budget, sound and job requirements.


We offer services such as installation of baseboards, quarter round, shoe molding, transitions and/or reducers to add the finishing touch to any project.